Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Resistance Training Intensity Vs. Volume Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Resistance Training Intensity Vs. Volume - Essay Example People tend to get the terms resistance training and strength training confused, however it should be known that these are two incredibly different matters, and thus they need to each be taken properly into consideration and understanding. In regards to the matter of whether or not multiple set training is better than single set training in regards to maintaining strength, this matter is one which has several different angles that need to be carefully examined; depending on what results you are looking for, the answer will thus be incredibly different, and with resistance training there are often several different options that you can have which will end with the same results. There was a study done recently, and the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a single vs. a multiple set resistance training protocol in well-trained early postmenopausal women; this study was great because it used people of a proper age and standing so that they could show whether multiple or single set training was better in regards to maintaining strength in the body overall. The subjects in this study were randomly assigned to begin either with 12 weeks of the single set or 12 weeks of the multiple set protocol, and "after another 5 weeks of regenerational resistance training, the subgroup performing the single set protocol during the first 12 weeks crossed over to the 12 week multiple set protocol and vice versa." (Kemmler, Lauber, Engelke, & Weineck, 2004). Basically what resulted from this study was that neither exercise type nor exercise intensity, degree of fatigue, rest periods, speed of movement, training sessions per week, compliance and attendance, or periodization strategy differed between that of exercise protocols, and as well, overall, "multiple set training resulted in significant increases (3.5-5.5%) for all 4 strength measurements, whereas single set training resulted in significant decreases (-1.1 to -2.0%)Body mass and body composition did not change during the study. The results show that, in pretrained subjects, multiple set protocols are superior to single set protocols in increasing maximum strength." (Kemmler, Lauber, Engelke, & Weineck, 2004). Therefore, if you are looking to increase and maintain strength as a result overall, then you will want to stick more with the multiple set training idea; there was even another study that was done that was similar to the previously discussed one, where women were taken and used in the study in order to find out whether multiple or single set training was more efficient in regards to maintaining body strength overall. In this study, just as in the other one, the results showed that multiple set training reigned supreme over the latter, in regards to the matter of increasing and maintaining strength overall. This study "compared the effects of single and multiple set strength training in women with basic experience in resistance training", and "Both training groups had significant strength improvements in leg extension. In the seated bench press, only the three-set group showed a significant incre

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